Wedding Magic

You have found your perfect partner and now you have discovered your ideal entertainer for your wedding or civil ceremony, who will help you make your special day even more memorable for yourselves and your guests.

As a popular, charismatic and professional Wedding Magician, Kevin can often be found entertaining the Bride, Groom and their guests at one of the more prestigious venues in London or the home counties, enthralling guests with his own unique style of magic.

When it the Best Time for Kevin to perform at your Wedding?

Kevin can perform at various periods during your special day, entertaining of both you and your guests. The following are the most popular times for Kevin to perform:

Mix and Mingle Magic during your Drinks Reception

Kevin can mix and mingle among your wedding guests, performing amazing sleight of hand for individuals or small groups of guests, which is perfectly suited for your drinks reception. It is also a wonderful ice breaker, where Kevin's magic gives your guests, who may have never met, a common talking point generating a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. This is the ideal entertainment for your guests whilst you have those all important official photos taken, or in the time between the speeches and the first dance, whilst the room is being reset for your evening function and your additional guests are arriving.

You will hear the laughter and applause echo round the room, as Kevin both amuses and amazes your guests on your behalf, delighting them when the formalities of the day mean that you cannot be with them all the time.

Close Up Magic at the Table during your Wedding Breakfast

Kevin can entertain your guests between courses of your wedding breakfast, with his unbelievable skill and dexterity as large coins pass through glass into a sealed bottle, and even pass straight through your guests heads, selected signed cards vanish, only to immediately reappear in the most impossible places, money is produced from flaming paper, the minds of your guests are read and the most amazing predictions are found to be true. This is probably the best time for the top table to enjoy Kevin's magic.

Magic between the speeches and the first dance

There is often an lull in the proceeding between the speeches finishing and your first dance, some venues use this time to reset the room for your evening function. If the weather permits your may continue your celebrations in the venues garden or another area such as an Orangery, and Kevin can continue to entertain you after the Wedding Breakfast. This is also the time when your evening guests are arriving, and Kevin can welcome them, again acting as the perfect Ice Breaker, until your first dance acts as an invite for your friends and family to join them on the dance floor and the music begins.

Personalised Magic for you and your guests

Kevin will personalise his magic for the Bride and Groom, giving you lasting mementos of your special day, many of which have been kept by happy couples with their most treasured possessions. Kevin can also surprise selected guests, these could include your Bridesmaids, Best Man, any friends or relatives who are travelling a long way, or who are themselves celebrating something on or near to the day, someone may be expecting a baby in the near future or someone special that you would like to surprise.

Make your wedding even more memorable: contact Kevin to find out availability and make a booking.

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